Dr. Surendra Sujakhu

Assistant Professor and AMES Coordinator

Dr. Surendra Sujakhu, is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kathmandu University and the AMES coordinator. He holds a Ph.D. degree from the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Having a profound interest in Material Science, Metallography and Fracture related research works, Dr. Sujakhu is the prominent motivation for the whole AMES board team to perform at its be.

Milish Dhungel


Mr. Milish Dhungel, a current undergraduate student at Kathmandu University, is on his journey to achieve his dream of becoming a mechanical engineer. Having worked as an Executive Member and a Treasurer, he has worked his way up to lead AMES as the President for 2022/23. He has found a balance between being academically competent and establishing himself as a guitarist and vocalist. With his influence, self-awareness, communication skills, respect for each individual, and willingness to learn, he will surely earn a name as a good leader.

Sugam Karki


Mr. Sugam Karki is a Kathmandu University undergraduate student majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on automobiles. He is a fervent enthusiast for AI integration in mechanical engineering and aerodynamics. In addition to being a second-year student, he enjoys football. He served as an executive member of AMES last year and excelled as a leader. As the vice president of the board for 2022–2023, Mr. Sugam Karki will bring his true personality, creativity, and belief in effective leadership to the position. He will be a terrific vice president for AMES.
Email: sugamkarki33@gmail.com

Manish Rc


Mr. Manish Rc is an extrovert and hardworking individual. He believes in enhancing capabilities of people around him. He is known for consistently working in an assigned task and completing it in time. He seeks excellency rather than perfection. He thinks communication is key while working on teams. He has already worked as a treasurer in the 20/21 tenure which has highly improved his social skills and also the way to handle things around in the club. Other than this he enjoys riding, exploring nature and also has a great passion for football.

Anmol Shrestha 


Mr. Anmol Shrestha is a young boy pursuing Mechanical Engineering at Kathmandu University. If we needed to define him in a single word it would be “curious”. As of now, he is one of the Executive members of AMES. He has chosen Automobile as his sub-division. He has chosen Mechanical Engineering due to the accessibility of computer and electronic fields along with mechanical. He believes that this will expose him to practically learning computers and electronics with mechanical side by side. He loves to do anything that interests him and that he finds cool to do. Currently, he is working with Arduino and looking into game development. He also loves to work on projects that are related to mechatronics.

Prabin Bhattarai 


Mr. Prabin Bhattarai,  a second year undergraduate of mechanical engineering is currently serving as the treasurer of AMES for year 2022/23.He frequently goes on off-road excursions on the weekends and adores motorcycles, especially dirt bikes.He is very interested in business and entrepreneurship, and wants to use his knowledge to help the nation's economic growth.Being a proponent of the maxim "learn, unlearn, and re learn," he makes it a point to learn from every travel and experiences.His fascinating,motivating,captivating and expressive temperament, together with his excellent communication skills, make him the ideal candidate for the post.

Ashim Katuwal 

Executive member

Mr. Ashim Katuwal is an undergraduate student enrolled in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Energy Technology at Kathmandu University. A passionate energy technology enthusiast, he is an avid and dynamic learner who is always striving to improve himself as a person. The humbleness and politeness of Mr. Katuwal is well known among his friends. He has repeatedly served as class representative of his class since the first year and has proven to be an excellent leader. As an executive member of the board for 2022/23, Mr. Katuwal is a positive and creative individual with good communication skills and believes in the power of change and leadership.
Email :

Nikunja Ghimire 

Executive member

20220504_113156 - Nikunja Ghimire-min

Mr. Nikunja Ghimire from Tansen, Palpa is presently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Mechanical engineering (Specialization on hydropower). He will lead AMES to greater heights as an executive member for years 22/23. He has a background in photography and the arts. No work is that far as it seems to be, ensuring continuous effort is done with proper guidance. With this as his guiding principle, he is advancing to take on new challenges and achieve his dreams.

Krishal Dhamala 

Executive member

A1AEEB89-56A9-4BBD-BB40-FBF40DC9D15A - Krishal Dhamala

Mr. Krishal Dhamala is a 2nd year Design and Manufacturing undergraduate student who has been a part of AMES from his very initial days at the University. He bears an energetic, honest and well-driven personality with great awareness and wholesome set of skills ranging from cinematography to graphic designing and visual designing prospects. Krishal has also been a ceaseless part of various community service programs along with a fair and square academic record. He holds a special interest towards exploring and tasting different food as well as listening music and travelling. His presence in the board widely opens up a great scope and we wish him a successful tenure.
Email: 135krishal@gmail.com

Madan Ghimire

Executive member

Mr. Madan is an ambitious, avid learner with interests in solar and hydropower systems. Skillful in communication and leadership with his experiences in teaching and as executive in various social clubs, he is friendly, helpful and a fun person to be around. He also likes to read novels and catchup with cricket and football games in his free time.

Prasanna Kshetree

Executive member

Polish_20210206_175449178 - Prasanna Kshetree

Mr. Prasanna Kshetree pursued mechanical engineering pushed by his passion for automobiles since childhood. He is an avid enthusiast, eager to grow, learn and prosper grounded by his humility. He is a cricket fanatic and says he loves to follow it. Along with it he is also interested in graphics design and programming. He likes to work on things that pursues him to grow. He joined the AMES executive board to bring forward his set of skills and attributes, to shine light at issues and solve them.

Aaditya Shah 

Executive member

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Mr. Aaditya Shah is serving as executive member for this tenure. His obsession towards technical aspects has brought him into the mechanical engineering. Now being the executive member of AMES, he is very much eager to disseminate about graphic designing, cinematography, photography and many more. He also has very strong network in fields of designing and printing. His loads of skills and immense dedication towards the club adds greater value to our team. With all of his skill sets and being a team person Mr. Aaditya Shah is here with us to take AMES club to further height and also believes in his personal growth throughout this journey.

 Ashutosh Aman

Executive member

Mr. Ashutosh Aman, is an enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated person who is willing to contribute to positive prospects of an organization with continuous self-improvement and creating better charisma to the working environment. He is currently pursuing Bachelor in Engineering Degree in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Design and Manufacturing at Kathmandu University. Being General Member in 2021/2022 session of AMES, he served as a volunteer in USC and been active in different programs at AMES by which he has proved himself in leadership and true team spirit. Being keen to learn new things we believe he will be an integral and vital part of club success in coming days.

Migma Gurung 

Executive member

Ms. Migma Gurung from Kathmandu, pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Kathmandu University will be serving as an Executive Member of AMES for 2022/23. She wishes to work for infrastructural and social development and strongly believes in giving her best efforts in anything she does. Gurung is always willing to explore and learn about different things. She loves to travel and play basketball during her free time. She believes in the power of will and with her hard work and dedication, she will be part of the change that she wants to see.

Sadixhya Pandey 

Executive member

inbound3732613857639113880 - SADIXHYA PANDEY

Ms. Sadixhya Pandey is the executive member of AMES for year 2022/23 . She loves travelling and reading books in her free time . She is an oppurtunist hence observes and seeks opportunities from every corner . She is firm believer of team work and believes team work and proper communication to be a key in smooth functioning of the objective . She has an enthusiastic, empathetic and dedicating personality and her calm captivating aura helps her to overcome many complex situations.
Email: sp15081321@student.ku.edu.np

Shubhanjan Dhoj Joshi 

Executive member

Mr. Shubhanjan Dhoj Joshi is a first year undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student at Kathmandu University specializing in Automobile. He is full of enthusiasm on understanding how machines function from his childhood days. He is serving as Executive Member in AMES Board 22/23. One word to correctly describe him is “dedication”. Apart from engineering, his interest lies deeply in photography and playing basketball.