School Visit Program conducted by AMES with intention of providing students a practical approach to science

Association of Mechanical Engineering Students (AMES) organized a school visit program on November 20 in two schools, Shree Chandika Madhyamik Vidhyalaya and Shreekhandapur Madhyamik Vidhyalaya. The program was held as a pre-event to the upcoming event Aviyantaa’18 with an intention of providing the students a practical approach to the science theories taught in class. With the help of simple experiments and DIY projects, they were given a head start to high school education and what the field of engineering entails.

Mentored by Mr. Prabin Dhakal, the president of the club along with Ms. Samita Rimal, the event was organized with one simple purpose; to provide a platform for students of those respective government schools with applicable techniques on science projects. Since it was organized completely by the students of mechanical department, the objective was clear—to demonstrate the work of engineers to young minds and rekindle their interest for science related fields countering the monotony. “The kids are happy that they got to witness what they learnt in class.” said Mr. Jayaram Shrestha, the principle of Shreekhandapur Madhyamik Vidhayalaya.

The program started at the first school at about one hour from the central campus from 10 to 12 in the morning and the second school from 2 to 4 in the afternoon. The students from grade eight, nine and ten were divided into three groups and given three projects each—a mouse trap, a periscope and a hydraulic lift. While they were showcased all of each and given clear instructions on how to make them, they were also provided with the tools and equipment to make them. There were mentors in each group to guide the students and to provide them with necessary precautions.

Throughout the entire program, the teachers were supportive of our plans for them and the students made the job easy with their interactive nature. At the end while the students when asked who wanted to be an engineer in future, most of them looked quite skeptic but quite few of them were there who raised their hands and seemed pretty confident about their choices. This guaranteed the success of today’s program to some extent.

The students were invited to the university premises to observe the exhibition of Aviyantaa’18 on November 28 and 29 and to our surprise, one student from Sreekhandapur Madhyamik Vidhayalaya, Mr. Raju Waiba, requested to demonstrate his projects: Hydraulic Crane and Robot Controlled Car which was highly encouraged.


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