AMES Orientation Program organized for First Year Students

Orientation Program for the first year students of batch 2018 was organized by Association of Mechanical Engineering Students (AMES). Last year the Orientation Program for batch 2017 was conducted in Turbine Testing Lab Auditorium by keeping the 120 number of students in the same hall which resulted in noise and less productive program. So, this year, orientation program was divided into two different days and was conducted for one class at a time i.e. for 60 students at a time which gave more fruitful result than before. The orientation program was conducted for ME-I (Automobile and Design & Manufacturing) on Wednesday, 12th September, 2018 and for ME-II (Energy Technology & Hydropower) on Thursday, 13th September, 2018. The time for both ME-I and ME-II were scheduled such that there would be no disturbance of their classes but there would be all the students present.

The orientation program started with Mr. Prabin Dhakal, Vice President and Ms. Samita Rimal, Secretary of AMES introducing AMES and why one should be member of AMES. Then Mr. Bibek Gautam, Aviyantaa’18 Coordinator was invited to give an brief introduction of Aviyantaa. Similarly, Mr. Dibya Darshan Tiwari, Bulletin Chief Editor was invited to give introduction of AMES Bulletin and Mr. Sagar Thapa, Junkiri Coordinator was invited to give introduction of Shell Eco Marathon Team named Junkiri.

The program was made very interactive and the freshers had very fruitful time. They were very interested in being a member of AMES. The program was very helpful to the freshers.

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