Auto CAD Training & Workshop organized by AMES

An event named Auto CAD Training & Workshop was organized by Association of Mechanical Engineering Students (AMES) from 17th June to 22nd June¬†2018. The event was one of the pre-event of Aviyantaa’18 which is one of the biggest annual event conducted by AMES every November. The workshop was conducted with motto that “Want To Learn Modeling? Start With Auto CAD” and was intended to make sure that all the students make not only familiar but very quite expert with the most common and easy software used for modeling that is Auto CAD.

The training was conducted in Turbine Testing Lab Auditorium which is with no doubt the best venue for conducting the event due to its infrastructures like projector, AC and wide room with capacity of 70 participants and easily reachable location for both trainees and trainers. The training was scheduled for 4:15 to 5:30 PM. The training was planned for 25 participants but after analyzing the number of students interested and in need of participating in the training, the number of seats was increased. Finally, more than 35 students participated the training, declaring the event a grand success.

Mr. Prabin Dhakal, Vice President of AMES initiated the event with wonderful speech welcoming the participants in the workshop. He also provided the introduction of AMES and invited every participants in the annual event organized by AMES named Aviyantaa’18. He was also the one who ended the workshop by giving them idea about other events that are about to be organized by AMES in coming days. He also provided detailed information about the advantages of becoming a AMES member.

The training was held for six days. First day was the introduction of Auto CAD, its uses and advantages while making the model over the glove which was discussed by the Mr. Sanjip Pokhrel, the event coordinator of Auto CAD Training & Workshop. Second day was spent discussing the tools, dimension edit, and using those tools discussed again by Mr. Sanjip Pokhrel. The third day was to learn how to draw orthographic projection in Auto CAD discussed by Ms. Nashla Shakya. The fourth day, participants learned how to draw isographic projection of drawing which was covered by Mr. Jitesh Kalwar. The day five and day six were discussed by Mr. Sanjip Pokhrel who covered the 3D drawing in Auto CAD. Other trainers in the Auto CAD Training and Workshop were Mr. Nayan Acharya and Mr. Prabin Dhakal.

The participants were totally excited to take the training and were mostly curious during the workshop. They were very curious and participated very actively by asking a lot of questions. The trainers and organizers were very energetic to answer their questions. The trainers did not seem satisfied until the participants were satisfied which caused the trainers to remain in the venue until 6:00 PM late for a day or two. The participants gave a very good feedback and were very grateful that this training was conducted. They gave best wishes for Aviyantaa’18 and they promised to participate in the upcoming such trainings. So, as a whole, the event seemed very successful and effective.

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