Talk Program on Clean Cooking in Nepal and Developing Improved Solutions for Cooking (DISC) Initiative by Mr. Shekhar Sharma organised by AMES

Association of Mechanical Engineering Students (AMES) in coordination with Department of Mechanical Engineering organized a talk program on a title “Clean Cooking in Nepal and Developing Improved Solutions for Cooking (DISC) Initiative” on dated 25 May 2018. Speaker of talk program was Mr. Shekhar Sharma, Project Coordinator, Developing Improved Solutions for Cooking (DISC) | Energy & Extractives, World Bank. The program was a pre-event of Aviyantaa’18 that is going to be one of the biggest event of the year organised by AMES in last week of November.

The talk program held on “Clean Cooking in Nepal and Developing Improved Solutions for Cooking (DISC) Initiative” by Mr. Shekhar Sharma was an hour full of interaction and knowledge flow. The participation of students was profound, so was the interaction between the spokesman and the students. The overall program seems to have enlightened a lot of students about ‘cooking stove’ in the present context of Nepal. Several topics were covered such as, the ill-effects of traditional cooking stove, solution measures, etc. The information seems to have broadened the knowledge of students regarding this field as well.

Topics Covered:
1) Effects of Traditional Cooking Stoves
2) The Present Status
3) Tiers in Cooking Stove
4) Sustainable Development Goals
5) Safety Factors
6) PPP ( Public Private Partnership)
7) Energy Levels

The program started with Mr. Bijendra Shrestha, Lecturer and Masters Coordinator of DoME, giving the introduction of Mr. Shekhar Sharma and showing the respect and greetings towards him on behalf of Department of Mechanical Engineering and Association of Mechanical Engineering Students. Then Mr. Shekhar Sharma was invited on stage for his presentation which he delivered wonderfully with an ease. He made the program very interactive. In addition to the presentation in the topic, Mr. Sharma also gave some ideas and tips to deliver a good and fluent presentation. After the presentation, Asst. Prof. Dr. Sunil Prasad Lohani was invited to provide the token of love from DoME and Mr. Rishabh Thapa, the president of AMES was invited to provide the token of love from AMES to the presenters. After providing the token of love, interaction program was held in which students, faculties and researchers had discussion with Mr. Sharma on the topic he delivered.

Faculties, Researchers, Masters and Undergraduate students participated the talk program. The total number of participants of the program exceeded 70 which was a lot more than expected. So, the program was a big successful in the sense that a lot of students, researchers and faculties were interested in the topic and showed an active participation.


Such types of programs are a great start to motivate the students in various ongoing problems in the country as well. We assume that the program held has been much beneficial to the students who participated today and for those who missed it, there are a lot more programs yet to come. We expect the same participation and sheer tenacity from all the students.

AMES would like to thank Mr. Sharma and his team from World Bank for interactive presentation. We also would like to thank our Lecturer Mr. Bijendra Shrestha who felt the need of such programs in Kathmandu University, and last but not the least, the students who participated in the program without whom the program wouldn’t be successful.

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